Commission a portrait of you beloved one. I can make it from a life model as well from photos of that person.

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Portrait, sketch-portrait, caricature, etc.

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My online & offline services of Portrait Artist and Painting Artist:

Paintings ▪ Portraits ▪ Sketch-portraits ▪ Caricatures from life models and Caricatures from photo ▪ Large-size paintings ▪ Murals ▪ Watercolors ▪ Etchings ▪ Name Art ▪ Landscapes ▪ Art on Stones ▪ Fine Arts
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You can buy or commission me artworks online.

Also, you can commission me painting caricatures from life models on various offline events: birthday and other parties, weddings, etc.

For portrait or caricature events commissions, I can travel in EU countries.
Portrait artist with many years experience of street drawing of portraits, sketch-portraits, portraits-caricatures, caricatures from life models/sitters.

Painting artist, graphic artist, miniatures on stones painter, etc - universal artist.
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Watercolor Art Gallery

Unique watercolor paintings - birds, portraits, landscapes. Decent choice for collectors and connoisseurs of fine art, as well as for those looking for exclusive gift for a person who already have everything ...

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